Our Distinctive Offer

Ubuntu.Lab is one of the few institutions with a proven methodology to help learners convert their intentions into action, to move from ideation to concrete changes.

  • We promote a combination of offline and online learning.
  • We offer expert facilitation of skills training in systems thinking, indigenous knowledge, leadership development and Ubuntu philosophy.
  • We maintain a digital platform connecting change makers across the African continent using affordable and accessible technologies.
  • We foster connections between programme alumni committed to social change at country and regional levels.
  • We inspire our participants to launch new social change prototypes which we support through coaching and financial investment.
  • We offer consulting expertise to governments, businesses, civil society organisations and universities interested in integrating the philosophy of Ubuntu into new ways of working.
  • We teach people more accustomed to working face to face how to collaborate online with others – particularly when face to face interventions are neither possible nor cost effective.


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Open to All

Open programmes are designed to enable the co-creation of Africa’s future through the U-Process, underpinned by the Ubuntu philosophy. It also gives participants access to the growing community of change agents to expand learning and collaboration across organisations, sectors and countries.

We look forward to having you on one of our journeys.

Current Programmes

We currently have no open programmes available.


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Master Classes

We have a Master Classes for Alumni of Ubuntu.Lab each month from February to November. During these sessions, the Alumni continue to share learning and support each other in the development of their prototypes towards the co-creation of Africa’s future.


Access:  Ubuntu.Lab Alumni


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Bespoke / Issue Focused

Ubuntu.Lab runs ad hoc Issue Focused programmes, as well as bespoke internal programmes for organisations.

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Current Programmes 

2024 to 2025: A programme for Ubuntu.Lab Alumni and Associates, and Mastercard Foundation Scholars, Alumni and Fellows in Africa; offered in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.


programme 4

Ubuntu: Rising Stronger Together

As a philosophy and life-force, Ubuntu helps us to understand our individual and collective selves as part of Mother Nature. Together, we can and must collectively sense the future that is wanting to emerge and bring it into reality through our actions.

Starts 17 March 2021

Ends 18 August 2021


Access: Registrations closed

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programme 1

Ubuntu meets 4 Returns

The continent of Africa faces complex social and environmental disruptions. The social challenges include high levels of unemployment, poor health, migration and displacement of people. Environmental challenges include deforestation, soil degradation, air pollution, climate change, water scarcity and poor sanitation. Nearly all of Africa's environmental problems are geographically variable and human induced.

Ubuntu.Lab Institute and Commonland have joined forces to activate continental change by “Listening to the Soil” and invite you to join our online Ubuntu.Lab meets 4 Returns programme. The 4-week programme will convene changemakers from the African continent to collectively deepen our understanding on the importance of nurturing the soil and restoring biodiversity.

Starts 26 January 2022

Ends 16 February 2022


Access: Registrations closed