Ubuntu Integrity Lab Ltd. Uganda

The Ubuntu Integrity Lab Ltd (UILL) incorporated with limited liability on February 19, 2021, in Uganda, was born out of Ubuntu.Lab. Ubuntu.Lab was created in 2018 by team that is devoted to co-create Africa’s future. The team that originated the Ubuntu Integrity Lab, realized that before co-creating the future of Africa, there was need to co-create Uganda. UILL after reflecting on the current situation in Uganda and in most African countries, the team decided to focus on “Integrity for Good Citizenship”.

VISION. A cadre of Ugandans with resilience to promote and demonstrate the highest level of integrity.

MISSION. To create the future of Ugandans through innovation, humanity, fairness, interdependence and unity in diversity.


  • To mitigate against corruption amongst Ugandans through advocacy for integrity.
  • To advocate for treatment of everyone with dignity and humility to maintain integrity for all.
  • To conduct action research to improve livelihoods of Ugandans especially the under privileged communities.
  • To support communities to appreciate benefits of social and cultural diversity.
  • To promote family level initiatives in guiding and counselling of children to be honest and follow societal norms and values.
  • To promote unity, social justice, transparency and accountability.
  • To promote activities geared towards protecting, preserving and proper utilization of resources in the environment.
  • To ensure that every school going child enrolls for school, stays in school and graduates with life supporting skills.
  • To protect every child from all kinds of abuse and neglect.
  • To work towards enhancing adult functional literacy and numeracy in communities.
  • To adopt experimentation, innovation, such as ICT and modern agricultural skills.

In one of Ubuntu.Lab meetings while learning about prototypes, it was indicated that an effective way to move towards desired future; you need to find someone who has a convener power. With the aim of mainstreaming Ubuntu and working through existing structures, the UILL introduced the prototype to the Minister of States for Ethics and Integrity. The UILL was guided by systems transformation questions that were shared during Ubuntu.Lab virtual sessions:

  1.  Does the idea attend to the core needs of key stakeholders?
  2. Is the idea a game changer?
  3. Are there signs that lessons leant through this idea may be valuable for replication or scaling up?

UILL believes that though it may be an enormous task to tackle integrity issues in a country, most Ugandans are yarning for it and lessons learnt through this prototype are likely to be valued and for that matter replicated.   UILL is encouraged by a phrase “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world”

Consilous Rwanyonga consilousrwanyonga@gmail.com  Justina Stroh justina_stroh@yahoo.co.uk