Story telling circles. Uganda

For several decades, the Africa of Empires has experienced an important imbalance of its tradition following the influence of Western civilizations which have until today rendered obsolete certain essential elements composing African culture.

In the sole concern of contributing somewhat to the rebirth of endangered African culture, having within it a new generation that ignores its own tradition for the benefit of another foreigner, we will seek by an alarm, to initiate the African people to a cultural awakening capable of providing them with a proven conscience, with a view to reviving and reliving their habits and customs by ensuring a better change that can lead to normal adaptation in the face of this influence of cultures (civilizations) Western.

My sensing journey with the Ubuntu.Lab
Hello, I am Fiston Muganda, a 26-year-old Ugandan refugee, a passionate scholar, and systemic shifter. I have been through atrocities in my short life, and from these experiences, I believe that the rebirth of African Culture in my community in Uganda is at the heart of building Ubuntu with Integrity, love, compassion and curiosity. It is no doubt what we are sensing results into the actions and decisions we make. The Mutual learning in the Ubuntu programs is enabling us to build this dream. Together, rising stronger!

Members gather and share in circle about how to co creating the African cultural space. 


To build a moderated and adapted traditional Africa, sheltering a Space where the African will feel free to preserve his culture and to exhibit it, to know how to welcome another and adapt to it. Rising stronger together, eating together.


Using the Ubuntu philosophy to drive social change and fight against hunger, poverty, discrimination and social divide.


  • Co-create a cultural exhibition space (cultural museum and library, crafts, etc.) and capacity building for adaptation to favourable civilizations
  • To revive and relive the obsolete African tradition, while preserving and promoting the current Culture. 
  • Circles for transformation

FIston Muganda