LastMile. Zambia

The LastMile prototype provides last-mile logistics, deliveries b2b and b2c, using green technology and electric vehicles. Using an innovative mobile App to provide consumers access to supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores, ethnic goods and many other product lines in a hyper local radius to cut down on delivery times and increase efficiency. We will create awareness in a country where electric vehicles are non-existent, by reducing the cost of delivery to consumer we are including delivery services which have previously only affordable for middle to upper income consumers. In a country where fuel is expensive and adds to the bottom-line of the charge per delivery.

The model has been in operation since November 2020. We leased petrol driven trucks, tuk-tuks and bikes for proof of concept and market research and started distributing bread and other FMCG’s. We generate revenue daily and can confidently pay back any funding given the opportunity. We have 2 revenue models, one from the delivery charge per product sold and one from our charging grid. As we increase market share and people get used to the idea of the convenience offered, we will increase the sustainability of the model.

This model has proved its sustainability and increasing market share daily. Customers and numbers of items sold are constantly growing and meeting the needs of the market. We want to deploy charging stations and electric vehicles around Zambia to create a microgrid and network for charging all sorts of electric vehicles. This will also allow us to generate revenue. Our budget we have set for scaling up operations is from 300,000-500,000 USD.

Sid Parmar