Education using integrity for better lives. Uganda



Problem statement

According to the Ministry of Education and Sports, school dropout rate stands at 75.16% and 58.95% for primary and secondary learners respectively. Such high dropout rates are mainly due to a range of social cultural issues that prohibit learners from achieving the most they can from the already existent education structures. Some of the issues affecting children and youth include gender stereotypes, pregnancy, drugs and substance abuse, low education levels of parents, negative peer influence, and limited information on returns after investment in education.

It is against this background that we started the Education for better lives prototype. This will likely minimize the increasing moral degeneration and reduce the dropout rates of children in our country. Our work is largely biased towards the children and youth from impoverished communities because they are greatly affected by such challenges as opposed to their peers from economically stable families.


An educated and morally upright generation positively contributing to the transformation of children’s lives in Uganda.


To create a platform where under privileged children, together with their communities can succeed through education while fostering lasting development built on the foundation of integrity.


  • To increase the literacy and retention rates of children in slum areas of Kiswa.
  • To extend Ubuntu values such as humanism, dignity, acceptance, morality, joy, love, and fulfilment to the young generation.
  • To promote the general welfare of under privileged children through addressing the issues of early growth and development.


Reflecting our shared deep interest in access to education for all especially the underprivileged in Uganda, this prototype is an idea that was started in 2019 by Ubuntu cohort 2 members. It solely relies on the spirit of volunteerism where members offer financial, social, and intellectual capital to help run the program. Find below activities on which the prototype hinges:

  • Registration of Ubuntu Integrity Lab Uganda – Following the ideation process, we needed to exist as a legal entity in order to carry out our programs in schools and communities using existing Government structures. Therefore, this project opened doors for us as a chapter to register. We used funds from the wider Ubuntu.Lab to register as a company limited by guarantee.
  • We set up a coordination committee to monitor the program’s success. This committee comprises principals from Core Primary Teacher’s Colleges (CPTC) in Uganda an educationist and a social worker.
  • Mr. Lubega Dauda – Principal Kabulasoke CPTC,
  • Hajjat Hamidah – Deputy Principal Kibuli CPTC
  • Scholastica Tiguryera – UIL member and an educationist
  • Joan Patience Atuhaire – the project lead.

Note :  Through the dedication of these members, we have been able to roll out this pilot in over 30 government aided schools in the area. We have also been able to start out needs assessment at Kiswa primary school to establish the specific needs of the learners.

Joan Atuhaire