Community Permaculture Gardens. Kenya

I grew up watching my mother always plant some food. This is something she does even now despite having very limited space on which to plant her veggies.  She however always has enough for herself and for her friends too.  This led me to develop a love for working with the soil, watching seeds sprout and grow to give me food.

Working in different communities over the last couple of years has enabled me to see up close just how much people lack food security.  One of the commonest reasons being their mindset that has them thinking that for one to have sufficient food for their households they require large tracts of land, expensive inputs and lots of time and energy.

I thus seek to illustrate to community members that growing their own food, especially using permaculture methods is doable, affordable, sustainable and satisfying.

This prototype seeks to demonstrate the possibility of growing a wide variety of food for domestic sustenance on limited space as well as the possibility of creating a source of income from the sale of produce.

With this prototype I also seek to demonstrate how the environment within a small space can be transformed, creating a micro-environment and climate while regenerating and building the soil sustainably.

Linda Shuma