The Circle Method. South Africa

The Circle Method is a researched, established and successful empathy developing practice that allows a healthy way of being as an individual and as a collective. People coming together in circle, to listen deeply to each other, to deepen empathy and speak truths and traumas. We have proven the method is effective for 2 years in many different communities in Cape Town city and rural villages. Now, during this time of turmoil, we need to partner with an organization which enables us to do this work fulltime.

When I joined The Ubuntu.Lab in about 2018, I didn’t understand how to prototype an idea into big thinking action. I was facilitating circles for transformation, but as I worked in a silo, I lacked vision. The Ubuntu.Lab enabled me to see my work from new perspectives and dream bigger. I have gained great insight and wisdom from the Africa wide perspectives given during our online training. My guidance from Martin and the team using Theory U has helped me in creating a vision to start 1000 empathy circles throughout Africa, alongside a train the trainer program which I hope to start in December 2021. I have recently made a new connection with a fellow Ubuntu.Lab youth leader in Uganda, who is also holding circles for transformation.

The Circles offer the practice of deep listening. From here we discover our truth, our meaning, our purpose, our action, and fortify our courage so we can take our next steps. The sessions are facilitated sessions that use a simple and profound set of guidelines to create a safe and supportive forum for deep sharing with the world around us. Deep listening circles began thousands of years ago under a tree, perhaps with elder sharing wisdoms. And so today, the circle method is re-introduced as we move from the individual time, forward to the emerging collective time.

This method can be used with groups of all kinds from couples, families, educators, in the boardroom, under a tree and beyond.

‘Being in these circles with Rachel has allowed me to find my voice for the first time. I am now practicing the mindfulness techniques every morning. This is life changing’ Qayisani Dlakana

‘I spoke my trauma for the first time after holding onto it for 14 years. I feel free’ Olwethu Singama

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